New Art De Vany talk at IHMC: On Being a Long-Lived, Lean, Muscular, Fast Twitch Phenotype

Art is back again at The Florida Institute for Human & Machine Cognition (IHMC) with another talk this time at their Evening Lecture Series in Pensacola.

Art’s talk and his life is about honoring and mimicking a form of the diet and physical activities of our ancient, Paleo, past. That may be why he is called the Godfather of Paleo or a patriarch of Paleo (NY Times, London Times, La Stampa, LA Times). He may be the oldest living practitioner of the Paleo lifestyle at the age of 85 and 50 years of “living Paleo.” Social media pundits have prematurely announced his death many times. But, at a lean, muscular weight of 195 pounds and 8 percent body fat, he is rarely sick and is not going to die for a long, long time. His talk will focus on the simple implementation of his healthy, modern Paleo diet and exercise –it will be a “how to do it’’ talk with a sketch of the physiology that provides a foundation for each element, with an emphasis on the brain-body connection to health and longevity. As is well-known, and often confused by critics of Paleo, “Nothing in biology makes sense unless seen through the eye of evolution.”

I will come back to this post and add more of my own thoughts; but I was definitely disappointed to hear towards the end of the talk that Art is not planning any more books, although understandable! I recall in an earlier IHMC talk he mentioned he was working on a book about the brain, which I was looking forward to reading. I hope Art will bless the world with more of his unique ideas via talks or in writing before his possible gracious exit from the world in a decade or so (listen to the talk to understand that!)

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